What is an mOS?

A Powerful Platform

The FIVE platform is designed to unleash a talented young person’s best potential through content, experiences, and connections. FIVE powers the future possibilities of high school students by matching them with high-performing, influential adults with whom they would not otherwise have crossed paths. The curriculum experience is focused on engaging students with real-life interactions and cadenced communication centered on positive messaging and goal progression. FIVE reaches mentees where they are by doing all of this in quick, mobile, dynamic ways.

Our goal is to accelerate the success of talented youth and to do this, we need to keep mentees interested, engaged and invested in FIVE. The FIVE UX will keep mentees engaged through real-world, relevant content delivered in a gamified environment promoting healthy competition and an incentive system that rewards users based on frequency, timeliness, and engagement.

Connect Through four Points of communication


Synchronous/asynchronous video, text and audio messages establish foundational and long lasting relationships, as well as provides a forum for impromptu and “in the moment” situations.


FIVE’s interactive content delivery system provides mentees a guided tour through a curated curriculum of videos and interactive, gamified exercises that, once completed, can be shared and discussed with the entire FIVE network.


The monthly synchronous video conversation with a team of five adults. In addition to the mentors, there will be on-the-ground (OTG) FIVE employees serving as the physical connectors to the community as well as a backend operator who manages logistics and content.


The FIVE Datahub is the mOS’ brain. It tracks and displays progress, network-wide trends, leaderboards and will send out invites, reminders, and hints to ensure mentees stay on track and engaged in the network.

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