The FIVE Experience

Learn more about what FIVE is about and the different paths students can take.
FIVE CoreFIVE Capstone


CORE is a 4-year program, starting when students are in mid-high school.

CAPSTONE is an intensive 5-month program specifically for high school seniors.


MENTEES gain knowledge and exposure to fields they wouldn’t have known about otherwise, as well as a professional network.

MENTORS from our corporate partners make a measurable impact. They help close the network gap and facilitate connecting people from diverse backgrounds in ways that were previously impossible. 

Possibility Development with University of Pennsylvania

In close partnership with the UPenn Graduate School of Education, The FIVE Network’s curriculum guides mentees through the five steps of Possibility Development as mentees approach different personal and professional goals. 

Thinking beyond simple goal setting Possibility Development is “the capacity to conceive of possibilities in one’s life and then actualize them with support.”

This research and study backed approach recognizes that support is key to achievement and that the goals one can attain with that support can be life-changing.

Possibility Development Steps
  • Exploration
  • Prioritization
  • Planning
  • Action
  • Assessment

Approaching a goal, career interest, or personal development topic with these steps in mind helps break things down into manageable pieces and creates an easy to follow roadmap that is rooted in research.

Most first-generation and lower-income students who dropped out of college left due to a convergence of pressures that made it difficult to prioritize school—for instance, they might have needed to work to support a family member. And it was the students who got connected to a support network early in college—whether it was a religious com­munity, mentoring community, or an arts or athletic community—who were more likely to stay.

-Michael J. Nakkula, chair of the UPenn Human Development and Quantitative Methods division


The human piece of this framework comprises evidence-based, engaging, and measurable elements. The mOS has reframed how mentoring is done. We use smart nudges and a simple-to-use asynchronous communication platform that provides:

Positive Encouragement

Teamwork & Collaboration

Healthy Competition

Measurable Outcomes

Research-backed Programming

Power of Reciprocity