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Having issues with the FIVE app?  FIVE mentees can find quick answers to tech issues and find out how to contact FIVE for tech support.  If you are a mentor, please contact your Mentor Concierge for support.


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Check out the FAQ’s below to see if we have a quick solution to your tech issue.   

Can’t Log in?

Check your Internet connection and make sure you have a working wifi connection or mobile data connection.  
Check on the “Forgot Password” button and try to reset your password.
If your credentials are wrong, contact

Didn’t Receive the “Forgot Password” Email?

Check that your email is correct.
Check your spam folder.
Click on the “resend email” link.

FIVE App Not Loading?  

Log out of the FIVE app and then log back in. If that does not work, delete the app, re-download the app, and log back in. 

Can’t Submit a Challenge or Share with Comment?

Log out of the FIVE app and then log back in. If that does not work, check your network connection to see how many bars you have or how strong your wifi connection is. Try moving to a different location and submitting again. 

Can’t Upload Images or Videos?

Check if the file format and size are compatible.
Check if your wifi connection was lost during the upload.

Not Receiving Notifications?

Check your phone settings to allow notifications for the FIVE app.
Make sure you have push notifications turned on.

Lost Access to my Cell Phone or WIFI?

If you lost access to your cell phone or WIFI and can not currently access the FIVE app, please email us at to let us know and include your first name, last name, and school.

contact tech support

Still having trouble?  Don’t sweat it.  




Tech Support Ticket

When you submit an issue, please include the following information:

1) Describe the issue with as much detail as possible; 
2) Tell us the type and model device you are using (i.e. iPhone 7); and
3) Send us a screenshot or screen recording of the issue.

This will help us to resolve your issue faster. Thank you for being part of FIVE!

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