Frequently Asked Questions

For Parents and Schools

What is FIVE?

The FIVE Network connects talented students to influential and caring mentors from across the country via a safe and secure mobile platform.  These mentors will help them develop critical life skills, expose them to a world of work opportunities, expand their personal networks, and serve as a positive presence in their lives.

How does FIVE work?

Each mentee has a dedicated team of five adults on their mentoring team: 3 mentors and 2 FIVE staff team members.  The mentors are professionals from across the country that are matched to the mentee according to their interests, work and life experiences.  FIVE staff members live in the local communities we serve and build trusted relationships with partner schools, districts, nonprofits, churches, mentees, and their families.  FIVE staff members provide weekly support for both mentees and mentors throughout the program to help guide and facilitate conversations.  FIVE also hosts monthly virtual calls and events to connect the FIVE community across the country.

Who can apply to FIVE?

We are looking for talented, motivated high school students across the country!  The primary quality we are looking for students to have a genuine interest in connecting with and learning from their mentors, and to be able to commit to participating in the program on a weekly basis.  Weekly participation includes logging in to the FIVE app, completing weekly challenges, communicating with the FIVE team and their mentor team, and attending monthly program calls and events.

In order to participate during the 2020-21 school year, students must be in the 9th or 10th grade at a participating school or organization, or submit an online application to express interest in joining the program.  

When should my child apply?

New students can apply to FIVE during the fall of each school year by completing our online application or by texting "FIVE" to 53445.

Who are the mentors?

FIVE mentors are highly experienced and successful professionals in their fields.  They live across the U.S. and represent industries such as Business, Healthcare, Technology, Government, Finance, Education, Law, and more.  FIVE mentors are caring, supportive, and are ready to share their career & life experience with mentees.  Over time, they will also connect mentees to companies and professionals who can help their mentees to reach their career and future goals.  All mentors are nominated to join the FIVE network and complete a federal & state background check, screening, and training before being accepted into the program.

How does FIVE ensure a safe space for mentees?

All mentors complete a federal & state background check, screening, and training before being accepted to become a FIVE mentor.  All in-app communication between mentees and mentors is monitored and recorded by the FIVE team.  Two FIVE team members are part of each menteeā€™s mentoring team to ensure safety and to support the mentee-mentor relationships.  There are several safety features built into the FIVE app, including a red flag button that can be pushed by mentees or mentors any time if there are any safety concerns.  The FIVE team checks in regularly with mentees and mentors to ensure safety and to provide support.  

What does it cost?

The FIVE program is free to students, parents and schools. We are able to provide this opportunity at no cost thanks to sponsorships from our local and national partners.

What is the daily time commitment?

We expect students to log-in and engage with the FIVE app for 3 to 5 minutes per day, 4-7 times per week. Students will receive daily content that is both fun and easy to digest, while communications with mentors are as simple as a text or video message.  Students can participate any time of day -- such as before or after school and over the weekend -- from anywhere from their mobile device.  

How long is the FIVE program?

The FIVE mentoring program is a five year commitment, beginning in 9th grade and extending one year after high school graduation.  The commitment is the same for mentees and their mentoring teams.  Mentees should contact their local FIVE staff member if they have any conflicts participating throughout the five year program.

What is required to get assigned a mentor team?

Students who apply must log-in to the FIVE app on a weekly basis, communicate with their local FIVE staff member through the FIVE app, and participate in weekly challenges and program activities.  Students who are participating on a weekly basis will have the opportunity to get matched with a mentor in the spring of their 9th grade year.  Students who do not meet the requirement to be matched with a mentor team can still log-in to the FIVE app and access the daily learning content every day.

Will this conflict with school work?

No!  As long as mentees are participating for 3-5 minutes per day several times per week, they can engage any time of the day, such as before school, after school, and on weekends.  Program calls and events are held outside of regular school hours so as not to conflict with their school schedule.

Can I review my child's records?

Yes.  You can contact us at to request or review your child's records at any time.

Does a student have to attend a certain school in order to participate in FIVE?

Nope! Students from any school may apply to FIVE. That said, FIVE does partner with schools, districts, and organizations to recruit mentees.

I would like my school, district, or community organization to partner with FIVE. What should I do?

Wonderful - we would love to have you in our network! Please ask your school leaders to contact us at

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