The FIVE Network’s Mentor Operating System

Why have we created mOS?

We believe that connecting people to work in which they will thrive can be done better, more cheaply, and with a greater degree of accuracy. Companies, organizations, and industries waste billions in time and resources getting it wrong. People often dread going to work each day because they aren’t doing the work that they are best suited for. We want to fix that with a hybrid approach.

When we rely solely on numbers, data, algorithms, and what we can program into the machine, we lose nuance. What’s worse, human bias and unconscious blinders are sometimes embedded into code that produces problematic outcomes.

Similarly, when we rely solely on human judgement and traditional methods, human error can run rampant in the form of bias, fatigue, or outmoded processes.

mOS uses the best of data, machine learning, skills training, online learning, and matching to guide talent (young and experienced) to career pathways that are just right.

mOS also uses the power of human judgement, intuition, and the reciprocal power of mentoring.

By combining these two using our proprietary methodology, we envision creating a transformative connective highway of talent and opportunity for our country and the world.

Connect Through Four Points of Communication (a window into some of what mOs can do)


Synchronous/asynchronous video, text, and audio messages establish foundational and long lasting relationships and provide a forum for impromptu and “in the moment” interactions.


FIVE’s interactive content delivery system provides mentees a guided tour through a curated curriculum of videos and interactive, gamified exercises that, once completed, can be shared and discussed with the entire FIVE network.


An optional monthly synchronous video conversation with the team of up to five.


The FIVE Datahub is part of the mOS nervous system. It tracks and displays progress, network-wide trends, and leaderboards and will send out invites, reminders, and hints to ensure mentees stay on track and engaged in the network. Our algorithm helps to match, curate topics of conversation, and maximize the time spent between the mentees and mentors.

Connect with us now and let us know how you want to work with FIVE.