Mentor Onboarding

It is time to get ready to meet your FIVE mentee!  FIVE has curated self-serve resources, videos, and more to help you feel empowered as you begin this incredible experience. Before we jump into what it means to be a FIVE mentor we encourage you to take a look at our brief Overview of FIVE and Mentorship to provide some context.

Now let’s get started!
to get you prepared to mentor here are a few key items to review before getting matched:

  • Mentor Orientation & Expectations: Watch FIVE’s orientation video to get a comprehensive understanding of your role as a mentor and make sure to attend one of FIVE’s live orientation events the week before matching. Supplement your orientations with these Key Takeaways.
  • Safety Training: The safety of FIVE’s mentors and mentees is of the utmost importance to FIVE. Read our Safety Protocols & Policies to learn what you can do to create a safe and secure environment for you and your mentee.
  • FIVE App / Tech Walk Through: To best communicate with your new mentee it is important to have a good understanding of how the FIVE app works. Check out this brief video on How to use the FIVE app to make sure you are making the most of the FIVE app.
  • Mentoring Best Practices: Throughout your time at FIVE we will support you in being the best mentor possible. Before jumping into the mentor relationship read through our Mentoring 101 guide for tips and tricks. Want some guidance on topics and icebreakers to start the relationship? Check out our Mentor Toolbox.

These training and resources are just the start! Familiarize yourself with the above items before meeting your mentee.  Feel free to come back to these resources at anytime and further your expertise with our Additional Resources.

Still have questions about your role? Check out the FAQ & Mentor Agreement or email

Please connect with us if you want or need more information about all FIVE does.