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Welcome to our exclusive invite-only preview of the mentor experience at FIVE. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a mentor and the talented mentees we are serving across the country. We can’t wait for you to join our powerful network.

“I live in Birmingham and I may not have connections like someone who lives in LA. It’s very important for me to get a leg up on the competition and to go into the workforce knowing what I want to do and how I’m going to get there.”

Katy, FIVE Mentee
Birmingham, AL

“FIVE has helped me get a routine and improve the little things in my life. Whether it’s learning how to meditate and to really think through my day or want to become more physically fit through the plank challenge.”

Cameron, FIVE Mentee
Mooresville, NC

“FIVE has helped me with my social skills. Whether this is talking to my friends over the phone or conferencing with teachers, because we learn so much about communication, I feel more prepared.”

Micah, FIVE Mentee
Laurel, MS

“We at Laurel High School are so excited to partner with FIVE to give our students an opportunity to explore their career aspirations through mentoring with professionals in a field of interest to him or her. This is just the beginning of an innovative design and approach for Laurel High School students to help maximize their full potential.”

Dr. Michael J. Eubanks
Laurel High School Principal, Laurel, MS

FIVE Mentor FAQs

Two years ago, Rob Lake, Co-Founder of The FIVE Network and Tom Davidson, Founder & CEO of EverFi came together to build a transformational technology company that will forever change how we develop and connect the country’s workforce by building the world’s first Mentor Operating System.

The Why Behind FIVE?

Over the past decade, as EverFi reached millions of students across the country, Tom witnessed first hand how the lack of access to personal and business networks prevented so many incredible students from achieving success despite their innate talent, desire, and hard work. This pervasive challenge, termed 'the network gap' by LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner, inspired him to envision a new company that uses technology to give talented students access to the same networks that all children have access to -- for their own agency and economic mobility but moreover for the economic health and future of our country. In addition, through his deep professional network with the biggest corporations and organizations, he heard a consistent theme: the best employees at the best companies were yearning for meaningful engagement opportunities- ways to make a measurable difference. The FIVE Network solves for both of these challenges.

Developing and connecting this superhighway of talent will fuel the ever-changing demands of the future workforce and allow the nation’s rising talent to realize meaningful opportunities, rather than leaving them behind or limiting them to only the types of opportunities their limited networks afford them.

Finally, when we set out to build The FIVE Network two years ago, working from home, social distancing, and wholesale systemic learning from home were not universal concepts. While we couldn’t have possibly anticipated the current state of the world, the value and importance of The FIVE Network’s value proposition has been uniquely amplified.

Is FIVE Just Another E-Mentoring Program?

No. FIVE is a technology company creating an unprecedented Mentor Operating System (MoS) uniquely using human networks and predictive technologies to connect people and drive economic development. Traditional mentoring and e-mentoring programs focus on socio-emotional development of mentees. While that is important and a by-product of FIVE’s impact, our primary focus is to use technology to help mentees have more economically mobile futures and ensure they meaningfully participate in the future of work, rather than be left behind.

Is There Research Behind FIVE?

Traditional face-to-face, one-on-one mentoring models are effective and can be life changing. FIVE has taken the best elements of mentoring and used technology to create a mentor operating system. Traditional models are limited by time, location and resource constraints. We have found, and the research supports, that the most important factor in a high quality mentor/mentee relationship is consistency over time as opposed to volume and frequency. Our operating system wraps the mentee with engaging content, a gamified setting and team-based micro-mentoring moments to allow for a high quality relationship to grow and build over time.

Can I Really Make an Impact in Just 15 Minutes Per Week?

Absolutely. Your cumulative FIVE team efforts coupled with the additive in-app experience offers mentees substantial support. Research shows that mentees don’t need volumes of time with a mentor, they just need consistent experiences over time with them. FIVE allows you to offer them consistent micro-mentoring moments in a light, engaging and interesting way. Moreover FIVE allows mentees to have people in their corner (you!), especially when they need it most.

How Can I Ensure Confidentiality When Sharing with my Mentee?

FIVE adheres to the most stringent safety, security, privacy and confidentiality protocols. All in-app conversations are recorded and monitored in real time. Mentors and mentees also agree to FIVE’s Code of Conduct (LINK) requiring strict confidentiality. Conversations are designed to be focused on mentor’s relevant experiences and career role modeling, and recommend not sharing any confidential information.

What support does FIVE offer mentors?

To further alleviate the traditional burdens of mentorship, a FIVE mentor can rely on the support from (2) others professionals who are mentors assigned to a mentee to offer their insight, guidance and support as well as (2) FIVE team members.

An “On the Ground” (OTG) FIVE team member lives in a mentee’s community and actively works with them, coaching them on their in-app and out of app behaviors. They offer mentors insight into mentee’s lives to help mentors contextualize their comments and support.

FIVE’s Mentor Success Manager (MSM) is a full-time dedicated resource to support mentors - regularly checking, offering guidance, coordinating calls and other logistics while troubleshooting any needs.

Are There Other Use Cases for FIVE?

The product is content agnostic and so can be private labeled for companies, governments, organizations. Companies, organizations or associations, Colleges and Universities can customize the platform to power their own internal mentoring program.

How Does FIVE Work?

Through a unique combination of people and technology, FIVE’s predictive technology pairs with powerful mentor networks to uncover individual’s strengths, while teaching them universal and customized skills in fields that best suits them and propel them to have more economically mobile futures.

Mentees receive 365 days of proprietary daily content via FIVE’s mobile app in the form of 2-3 minute videos, text, and audio. A 7-day cadence maximizes learning and promotes positive psychology. This evidence-based curriculum focused on universal workplace skills (e.g. communication, collaboration, time-management, curiosity, goal setting, and leadership). A mentee’s gamified experience links to a leaderboard which is based on a usage incentive system. The more they use it, the more points they earn.

What is the Time Commitment?

Limited, scarce time is the biggest barrier to entry for successful, busy professionals to commit. FIVE’s mOS is designed for the busiest professional in mind. Now, more than ever, we are engaging in meaningful relationships digitally and mobilly. It is where most young people socialize, learn, and explore. Our operating system meets people where they are, embraces technology, and is designed for the mentor to easily share their knowledge and expertise on their own schedule. In just 15 minutes per week, mentors and mentees communicate via in-app text and video messages prompted around FIVE content, along with a monthly 45 minute video call, coordinated by FIVE. These exchanges occur in a safe, fully firewalled ecosystem monitored by FIVE. Our data-rich platform allows us to measure positive outcomes and extract learnings. Because mentees and mentors are on teams, and because an essential part of the learning for the mentee is pre-created content, the cumulative positive effect is measurable.

What Do We Talk About? Can I Establish Trust and Rapport Online?

FIVE’s 365 days of in-app content serves as the basis for all mentor/mentee communications and your overall shared experience. FIVE in-app prompts curate and facilitate all mentors/mentees communication. This coupled with the communication training mentees receive, allows them with the support of their OTGs, to ensure they are asking thoughtful questions and engaging with mentors meaningfully.

How Am I Matched With My Mentee?

Mentors and mentees are matched based on shared interests. FIVE mentees go through 8 months of training prior to meeting their mentors to ensure they are “mentor ready”. During this time they explore areas of interests and learn about different careers and industries. Evaluation and assessment tools further allow FIVE to get a good sense of mentees personalities and interests to match them accordingly.

What Happens If It Doesn’t Work Out with My Mentee?

FIVE’s support model for both mentors and mentees is designed to create high quality relationships but in the event there is incompatibility, a change can be made. To help avoid this, feedback is regularly solicited from both parties to allow FIVE to assess the quality of the relationship.

What Type of Feedback Can I Expect?

To help ensure FIVE mentors thrive, FIVE provides mentors with regular feedback in the form of customized dashboards tracking data, trends, engagement and overall impact on the life of a mentee. This allows mentors to understand the direct positive measurable impact they are having along with ways to improve the relationship. Our goal is for you to succeed as a mentor.

Who are the Other Mentors?

FIVE mentors represent the country’s most influential, successful and diverse leaders across a wide spectrum of industries. As a part of this exclusive network, FIVE mentors have the opportunity to expand their professional network with other like-minded individuals. Based on FIVE’s extensive vetting process, our mentor network is composed of successful individuals who desire to enhance the lives of their mentees, their own lives and contribute to FIVE’s success.

What is required to participate?

We want to make it as easy as possible for the right mentors to join our network, along with providing proper training and safety measures to ensure everyone feels comfortable and supported. Mentors apply (hyperlink) and complete a background check. 1-hour of online training done at your convenience is required to be completed prior to being matched with your mentee.

How Can I Ensure Confidentiality When Sharing with my Mentee?

FIVE adheres to the most stringent safety, security, privacy and confidentiality protocols. All in-app conversations are recorded and monitored in real time. Mentors and mentees also agree to FIVE’s Code of Conduct (LINK) requiring strict confidentiality. Conversations are designed to be focused on mentor’s relevant experiences and career role modeling, and recommend not sharing any confidential information.

How do you Keep Mentors and Mentees safe?

All of FIVE’s communication and engagement occurs in a safe, secure environment that is monitored and recorded. At any time, either party has in-app tools to indicate concerns which triggers FIVE safety protocols to be enacted immediately. FIVE mentors undergo national federal background checks and are monitored regularly. They, along with mentees also receive training on FIVE safety regularly. Two FIVE team members exist on every FIVE team to further ensure safety.

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