Our idea is simple: surround talented high school students from some of the toughest areas of the country with adults who will advocate for them, cheer for them and connect them to opportunities that can change the trajectories of their lives.

We believe that mentoring, like education, is a powerful tool in equipping young people to navigate, face and overcome all that life has in store. That is why we created FIVE, the first Mentor Operating System (mOS) bringing all of the advantages of mentoring (Learning, Instructing, Teaching) to a scalable, engaging digital platform.

Our Mission

Connect the most important institutions in the world with the business of mentoring by building an operating system allowing them to mentor at scale through technology.

Our Vision

To accelerate the success of talented youth via a scalable mentor ecosystem.

providing the keys for success

Our goal is to accelerate the success of talented youth and to do this, we need to keep mentees interested, engaged and invested in FIVE. The FIVE UX will keep mentees engaged through real-world, relevant content delivered in a gamified environment promoting healthy competition and an incentive system that rewards users based on frequency, timeliness, and engagement.


Rob Lake

Rob Lake

Co-Founder and CEO

Rob is the co-founder and President of The FIVE Network. He is an experienced CEO and educational leader with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Prior to starting FIVE, Rob served as headmaster at some the largest educational institutions in North America. Along with his experience inside the classroom, Rob began his career in the advertising and finance industries. Rob has a multi-faceted background with a Masters in English and History from Dartmouth College, a BA in Literature from Williams College and a certificate in Artificial Intelligence from M.I.T.’s Sloan School of Management. Rob lives in Washington, DC and is a futurist, entrepreneur, designer, and writer focused on the future of work, learning, and commerce.

Brian Cooley

Brian Cooley


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Willa Kendrick

Director of Client Services & Partnerships

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