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Welcome to the World’s First Mentor Operating System (mOS), Welcome to FIVE.


Our idea is simple: surround talented high school students from some of the toughest areas of our country with influential adults who will advocate for them, guide them and connect them to opportunities that can change the trajectories of their lives. The mentors will proactively expand the personal network of each of their mentees.

We know that mentoring is a powerful tool in equipping young people to navigate, face and overcome all that life has in store. That is why we created FIVE, the first Mentor Operating System (mOS) bringing transformative capacities of mentoring (Networking, Empowerment, Trust, Relationships, Connectivity) to a scalable, engaging digital platform. We are leveraging the power of mobile technologies and machine learning to connect and open doors for young people with promise.

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A Platform for Success

When we set out to build the first Mentoring Operating System, we knew that the platform needed to be dynamic, engaging, fun and easy to use. The FIVE mOS platform is designed to provide a sticky, immersive experience for both the mentee and mentor by providing a powerful and simple application that connects them in authentic ways.

We found that technology has allowed us to amplify diverse and engaging connections between teams of adults and young people in meaningful, customizable, and measurable ways. For mentors, we have created a simple, fast and mobile way to help to inspire and connect to this generation of young, bright humans. This will have a positive societal impact economically, socially, and culturally.

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FIVE’s mOS connects mentees and mentors with four engaging types of communication:

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Transforming Lives

Our goal is to accelerate the success of talented youth and to do this, we need to keep mentees interested, engaged and invested in FIVE. The FIVE UX will keep mentees engaged through real-world, relevant content delivered in a gamified environment promoting healthy competition and an incentive system that rewards users based on frequency, timeliness, and engagement.

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