Four-year experience for talented, underrepresented high schoolers.

Students learn about life skills, career possibilities, and the importance of building personal and professional networks.

The FIVE Core Program is a four-year experience for under resourced high schoolers, designed to help prepare them for their post-graduation worlds.

Over each of the four years, each student in the program is connected to at least one different mentor from one of FIVE’s corporate partners per year.

Students end up with a network of at least five mentors, in different professional areas, who help them make connections and pursue their specific goals.

The learning path for the Core Program follows UPenn’s Possibility Development steps. With more depth and nuance than goal setting alone, Possibility Development is “the capacity to conceive of possibilities in one’s life and then actualize them with support.” Students identify their interests and their goals and have the full support of a community to help bring them to life.