Mentor FAQ

Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions.  If you can’t find the answer you are looking for or want some additional support never hesitate to reach out to your FIVE support team at

What is FIVE?

The FIVE Network connects talented students to influential and caring mentors from across the country via the safe and secure mobile FIVE app. These mentors will help them develop critical life skills, expose them to a world of work opportunities, expand their personal networks, and serve as a positive presence in their lives.

How does FIVE work?

Each mentee has a dedicated team of five adults: 3 mentors, 1 local OTG (On-the-ground), and 1 online operator. The mentors are professionals from across the country, matched to mentees based on shared interests and work and life experience. They will be the mentee’s primary point of contact, and their role will be to communicate consistently and authentically. The OTG is a FIVE employee who lives in the local community and will have trusted relationships with the schools, churches, athletic organizations, families, and the mentees themselves. This person is also responsible for feeding information into the platform about the mentee that will then help to inform the mentee/mentor conversations. The online operator is also a FIVE employee located in Washington, DC, and is responsible for ensuring that the mentee/mentor communication is monitored. Additionally, FIVE delivers daily content that exposes mentees to world of work opportunities and promotes habits and critical skills for success in work and in life.

What content does FIVE offer?

FIVE delivers content every day, 365 days per year:

(Role) Model It Mondays: Inspirational video featuring positive role models who are their life stories and advice.

Tell It Tuesdays: Inspirational quote and learning about the author.

World of Work Wednesdays: Video profiling a range of different and intriguing jobs/careers and understanding pathways to them.

Shout Out Thursdays: Weekly updates on leaderboard status and shout outs on mentee activity.

FIVE Index: Knowledge sharing and learning of critical life skills concepts

FIVE 7-Challenges: A 7 day challenge designed to foster positive habit formation

Check-In Sundays: Opportunity for mentee to share what’s on their minds and complete surveys.

Who are the mentees?

Mentees are high school students that have applied to and been accepted into the FIVE program. Though FIVE partners with schools, districts and organizations to recruit mentees, FIVE applicants may attend any school. Click the "Apply to FIVE" tab for information on joining FIVE as a mentee. Apply to FIVE

Who are the mentors?

Mentors are professionals representing a wide range of industries that are recruited from across the country through partnerships with corporations and organizations. They undergo rigorous background checks before they are matched with mentees. Click the "Safety & Security" tab for information on the measures we take to ensure a safe and positive experience for all mentees. Apply to FIVE

What is the time commitment?

FIVE expects mentees to engage in the FIVE app for 3 to 5 minutes per day. Students receive daily content that is fun and easy to digest, while communications with mentors are as simple as a text or video message.

FIVE expects mentors to engage in the FIVE app approximately 15 minutes on a weekly basis, but mentors may communicate with mentees on a daily basis as desired.

How long is the FIVE program?

The FIVE mentoring program is a five year commitment, beginning in 9th grade and extending one year post graduation.

Does FIVE conflict with school work?

FIVE is not a school program and designed not to conflict with school work. Mentees receive content and communications before and after school, as well as on the weekends, so that notifications fall outside of schools hours. Additionally, FIVE expects mentees to be in the FIVE app only 3-5 minutes per day, an amount of time that can be manageable around homework, extracurricular and family responsibilities.

What does it cost?

The FIVE program is free to students, parents and schools. This is provided at no cost thanks to corporate and organizational partners who are invested in nurturing a diverse and talented future workforce.

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