Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for or want some additional support, please reach out to your FIVE Support Team:

Can I get my mentee’s email address? Can I send them a gift?

All communication with mentees must be done within FIVE’s monitored platforms. Please keep all conversations within the FIVE app or on your FIVE Zoom call. This not only ensures the safety of your mentees, but also helps keep you safe as well! While you don’t need to give anything to your mentee but your time and support, we understand that there may be a desire on occasion to send a card or a gift. If you want to do so, please reach out to your Mentor Concierge for guidance.

Why is my app acting up?

We know this can be frustrating and we are here to help you! If you find your app is buggy – not opening certain pages, crashing frequently – this most likely means that your app is not up to date. Delete the app and reload it from your app store to ensure you have the newest version. Still not working? Email

I keep missing my mentees messages, what can I do?

Make sure your push notifications are on so you don’t miss any messages from your mentee or FIVE. Check out our instructional videos on how to enable push notifications for iOS/iPhone and Android devices!

Additionally, we encourage our mentors to get into a pattern of checking their FIVE app once a week. Enjoy a lazy Sunday? Maybe that is when you make sure to check in. Want to make the most of your lunch breaks during the work week? Great, check FIVE then!

How often should I talk to my mentee?

This depends on you and your mentee. We suggest logging in a couple times each week to say hello, ask your mentee some questions, and respond to any messages they have sent you. Remember, you can have in-the-moment conversations when you’re both online (synchronous) as well as longer messages with space in between (asynchronous) conversations.

You may spark a great conversation while you are both online and go back and forth for a few messages, or you may text longer messages once or twice a week – either is fine! FIVE mentors and mentees exchange anywhere between 5 and 20 messages a week. Just find what works best for you and your mentee!

What should I talk to my mentee about? Is there a specific program I should follow?

Conversations with your mentee(s) can vary from school and family to hobbies and careers, and everything in between. As a mentor, you will be provided with both in- and out-of-app content and prompts to help guide conversation, but we also encourage you to find and develop your own authentic relationship.

For example, if you find you and your mentee both love cooking, go ahead and share your favorite recipe! Use the few weeks & months to ask questions about your mentee’s hometown, favorite subjects, pets, and music preferences. And share about yourself too; this is the time to build the foundation of a relationship.

How do I set up a Zoom call?

Zoom calls are great ways to get to know your mentee better. All Zoom calls are conducted through FIVE’s Zoom account to ensure a secure setup. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Through in-app chat determine a few different times and days that work best for you and your mentee to meet. 
  2. Find your Zoom time on FIVE’s Calendly. If you do not see any of your preferred times there that likely means that time slot is no longer available. If you are unable to reschedule for another time, reach out to so we can assist you.
  3. You’ll receive a calendar invite with a Zoom link in your inbox.
  4. Then, share the Zoom link with your mentee through the app as well as a reminder a few hours before you are set to meet. Remember: mentees are still learning positive scheduling and time management habits!
  5. Log in to Zoom when it’s time to meet! If a passcode is requested it will be “55555”.

Who are these other people I am connected to in the app? OTG? Operator?

In addition to your mentee, you may see other people in your main messaging screen. If your mentee has other mentors on their team, you will see them tagged as a “Mentor.” You will also see an “Operator;” this is one of the FIVE Mentor Experience team members who is your direct contact. Reach out to them in-app or via email whenever you have questions or need support.

Finally, there is the “OTG,” which stands for “On The Ground” and refers to the FIVE staff member who works directly with your mentee. Just like you are supported by FIVE staff, so are the mentees. OTGs can help with specific questions regarding your mentee.