The FIVE Network

We enable authentic mentoring relationships between diverse people using technology.

Yet, successful DEI initiatives can be hard to get off the ground in a simple, sustainable, measurable way.

FIVE has created a new way for companies to make an impact both internally and externally.

The Best Talent:

…does the best and most work
…produces 8x more and higher quality work
…is the most creative and innovative
…is the most diverse
…is easiest to retain when surrounded by other high performers

The Best Talent Also Demands:

…the best corporate culture
…opportunities to grow through mentorship
…the opportunity to give back in meaningful ways

Our value proposition for corporations is two-fold.
The FIVE Network will bring you the best talent over time: the people who were meant to work for you. Integral to this process is radical employee engagement of your highest performers, right now.

Our value proposition for the economy is a well-matched, intrinsically motivated, diverse workforce that will have long-lasting, deep, and positive implications for our country. By being at the forefront with FIVE, you’ll benefit the economic bottom line of your organization.

What does FIVE do for you?

We use technology to amplify the power of mentorship.

We connect talented, diverse, future stars from under-resourced communities to companies and their employees. Mentees gain knowledge, exposure to careers and fields they wouldn’t have known about otherwise and a professional network.

Companies and their employees gain a tremendous experience by sharing knowledge, expanding their own world view through authentic relationships, and ultimately a pipeline of young diverse matched talent.

Corporate Partners Get Four Things

DEI & Impact

A simple, scalable, sustainable way to immediately address DEI initiatives


Employee Engagement

A powerful employee engagement and recruitment tool


White Label Experience & Brand Recognition

A branded DEI program customized to meet the company needs.


Talent Pipeline

Access to a highly talented pool of young diverse talent.

What Does It Look Like for a FIVE Mentor?


Communicate in-app with your mentee, 15 minutes a week on your own schedule. Asynchronous communication and measurable impact.


 Join a live video call with your mentee and the team of mentors facilitated by a FIVE staff member. 

On Your Own Schedule:

Based on your interests, make an impact by leading or joining a mentor master class on a subject of your choice with the entire network. Join a local in-person “Only at FIVE” Network event. Engage in our regular, friendly network competitions such as March Madness and The Summer Cup.


Sponsor Extraordinary Mentees

We recruit talented, overachieving high school aged stars from disadvantaged backgrounds who, through your sponsorship, get access to a 4-year, world of work focused, curriculum. They get access to professionals across a range of industries, like-minded peers from across the country, and they graduate with experience and a portfolio that will tee them up for professional success.

Employees or Members of the Executive Team Become Mentors

As a mentor, your DEI journey of learning begins through a tech-enabled, human-to-human relationship. Instead of learning about diversity from a manual, learning occurs through a guided mentor-mentee relationship. Mentors are set up for success through sophisticated matching, mentor teams, manageable time commitments, and 24-hour a day, white glove support. 

Customized DEI Program at the Enterprise Level

FIVE will work with your organization to create a DEI program that meets the company goals and matches the company culture. FIVE takes the long view approach to growth in the DEI space. You choose from a wide range of DEI offerings that will serve the company goals.

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