About FIVE

We believe that part of what brings human happiness and fulfillment is to be engaged in meaningful work that builds on our personal strengths.

The transformative power and importance of economic empowerment cuts across borders, politics, religions, and ethnicities. Further, diverse connections between people from disparate backgrounds will only strengthen our economy.

Our vision is to create the connective highway for talented future employees and leaders by merging technology and mentor networks.

Our mission is to create the world’s first mentor operating system that fuses technology and human networks to power the economic engine of the world through talent development and mentoring.

Our process is we use a proprietary formula that combines universal workplace skills, data, matching algorithms, predictive technologies, and the judgement and inspiration of human mentors.

The Foundations for Success

The human piece of this framework comprises evidence-based, engaging, and measurable elements. The mOS has reframed how mentoring is done. We use smart nudges and a simple-to-use asynchronous communication platform that provides:

Positive Encouragement

Teamwork / Collaboration

Healthy Competition

Measurable Outcomes

Research-backed Programming

Power of Reciprocity


Rob Lake

Co-Founder and President of The FIVE Network

Rob brings a deep experience as a CEO and visionary leader from some of North America’s biggest educational institutions. That work was informed by his early career in finance and advertising. Rob has a multi-faceted educational background with a Masters in English and History from Dartmouth College, a BA in Literature from Williams College, and a certificate in Artificial Intelligence from M.I.T.’s Sloan School of Management.

As Co-founder of FIVE, Rob has made an immediate impact on the tech scene in DC and was selected to be one of the Top 25 Tech Innovators and Leaders by Washington Life Magazine in December, 2019. Most recently, he was honored as a 2020 Red Hot Entrepreneur by DCA Live.

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