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Welcome to the World’s First Mentor Operating System (mOS). Welcome to FIVE.

FIVE is a platform that powers talent by merging predictive technologies with mentor networks.

The FIVE Network’s mOS is a combination of people and technology. Our predictive technologies inform our powerful networks of mentors to teach, inspire, and recruit talent (future and current).

We have created the world’s first Mentor Operating System (mOS) designed to inspire the future workforce and teach universal and customized skills at anytime, anywhere.

Our Innovative Technology

By using big data, algorithms, and the power of machine learning-enabled software, our operating system helps users understand their strengths, matches them with fields that suit them, and propels them with the skills needed to thrive.

Using Human Networks Together With Technology

High quality human relationships can transform lives, boost employee satisfaction and retention, and create job pipelines for future employees.The benefits are inestimable for individuals, companies, and communities.

Traditional methods of matching and sustaining mentor/mentee relationships are outdated, cumbersome, and not scalable.

Our mOS uses smart nudges, curated text messaging, and asynchronous and synchronous video chats that are seamlessly integrated into a mobile experience.


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