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Authentic Networks

Between Diverse People

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The FIVE Network

Changing how and why mentorship is done


We build powerful mentor networks for talented, diverse future stars from underrepresented communities.

We use the reciprocal power of mentorship to bolster DEI, strengthen employee engagement, and build a sustainable, long-term pipeline of diverse talent. . 



Build the connective highway for talented future employees and leaders by merging technology and mentor networks.


Create the world’s first mentor operating system that fuses technology and human networks to power the economic engines through talent development and mentoring.


Implement a proprietary formula combining universal workplace skills, data, matching algorithms, predictive technologies, and the judgement and inspiration of human mentors.


  • A big part of human happiness and fulfillment is to be engaged in meaningful work that taps into personal strengths. The transformative power of economic empowerment is universal. Diverse connections between people with different backgrounds strengthens our economy and creates a more equitable professional world.
  • We are all greatly influenced by our personal networks. Tech-enabled, data-driven, empathy based mentor relationships will lead to substantial and positive outcomes for both the mentee and the mentor.

Mentors take the mystery out of what you want to do.

When you have a mentor in a career path, they help you avoid the potholes.

Kenan Thompson

Actor & Comedian, when asked why mentorship matters to him during a 2022 Capstone Town Hall

Whether you are a school or a company, or are simply curious about FIVE’s possibilities, please connect with us to learn more.